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7.50 kW capacity


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All the comfort with as little noise as possible, thanks to the mode silent outside.


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Connect up to 4 indoor units (1 water unit + 3 direct expansion air units)


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The water heating ensures a constant delivery temperature of 55°C ( down to -1°C outside temperature).


A Single System For All Needs

The innovative Ecodan Multi Series PXZ heat pumps, which utilize environmentally friendly low GWP R32 refrigerant. These heat  pumps are designed to deliver optimal energy efficiency while offering the versatility of both traditional water-based heating systems as well as direct expansion air conditioning within a single product.

With a remarkable cooling energy efficiency rating of A+++, heating efficiency rating of A++, and domestic hot water production efficiency rating of A+, the Ecodan Multi Series PXZ ensures top tier performance across various functions.

Expect unparalleled comfort, quiet operation, and exceptional functionality even in harsh conditions, with guaranteed performance at external temperatures as low as -20°C. The capability to deliver water at temperatures up to 55°C further enhances adaptability to diverse system configurations.

All Heating & Cooling Requirements Are Met

Heating and Cooling via indoor Direct Expansion units. Direct expansion such as wall mounted, floor mounted, ducted and ceiling
mounted units.

Water heating to be connected to the hydronic terminals of the housing unit with/without domestic hot water production:

  • With domestic hot water production:
    - via the Integrated indoor unit with 170/200/300L Cylinder
    - via the Hydrobox internal unit which can be connected to a third party cylinder
  • Without domestic hot water production:
    - via the Hydrobox indoor unit

A Single Easy System

The Ecodan Multi PXZ Series heat pumps are easy to install as all the direct air-expansion indoor units can be connected directly to the single outdoor unit thus reducing installation times of the system.

The indoor units can be selected from a wide range, with the possibility to connect up to 5 indoor air conditioning units to the same outdoor unit as well as a 170/200/ 300L hot water cylinder