Service and Maintenance

Service Plan

Annual 30 Point Heat Pump Service

An Annual 30 Point Heat Pump Service includes:

  • Clean Ecodan outdoor unit
  • Anti-freeze check
  • Cleaning of filters
  • Removal of any trapped air
  • Check pressure
  • Check flow rate and adjust where possible
  • Check and optimise controller settings
  • Product customer report

Why service your Ecodan Heat Pump?

By servicing and maintaining your Ecodan System annually you are not only pro-longing the lifespan of your system, but it also means you will receive a 3 Year Warranty*.

Benefits of our service and maintenance plan:

• Prolongs the life of your Ecodan System

• Can reduce your running costs 

• Ensures that the Ecodan is operating at maximum efficiency

• Peace of mind your system is operating correctly

• We can sign you up for a reminder for when your next service is due 

• Compliments and maintains Mitsubishi Electrics Equipment 


*3 year warranty is from date of install and is for the period of 3 years as long as the system is serviced each year. 

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As part of our service, our engineer can install a Wi-Fi adaptor to your system. The adaptor will allow you to control your heating via our MELCloud App as well as produce energy reports. In the unlikely event of an issue with your heat pump, this will also enable our engineers to access your unit remotely to diagnose any potential issues or faults.

The additional cost for fitting and programming your Wi-Fi adaptor is €80 + VAT. Please note that you will not be able to order a Wi-Fi adaptor from our engineer on site.

Please indicate if you would like our engineer to install a Wi-Fi adaptor as part of your service for an additional €80+VAT on top of the normal service rate. Note that you will not be able to order a Wi-Fi adaptor from the engineer on site.

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