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Why use Mitsubishi Electric and Ecodan?

Mitsubishi Electric has a vast network of reliable and national heating installers, who we provide with compressive training when it comes to installing and maintaining Ecodan heat pumps. For out of hours support you can access our technical support staff who are available via a Homeowner Support Helpdesk, our accredited heating installers provide a high quality service and can help you throughout the process of choosing an air to water heat pump system.

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Renewable Heating Systems

Heat your home for less

All over Ireland thousands of households are already benefiting from reliable, renewable heating with Ecodan air source heat pumps from Mitsubishi Electric. Ecodan air source heat pumps can lower your energy costs and  lower your carbon emissions. Furthermore you can avail of SEAI grants designed to support the roll out of heat pump technology.


Free energy

Ecodan air source heat pumps are classified as a renewable energy source because they capture free energy from the air. This makes them a great solution for gas boiler replacement and oil boiler replacement, and an alternative solution to biomass. Ecodan works by sitting outside your home and extracting warmth from the outdoor air. Ecodan technology upgrades this renewable heat energy and transfers it inside the home to provide energy efficient hot water and heating for radiators and / or underfloor heating.

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Packed with Features


Modern smartphone control

A smartphone app puts you in total control of your space heating and water heating, whether you’re reclining in an armchair, at work, or on the way to the airport.

Low cost heating

With the highest energy rating (A++) available, you can ensure that Ecodan is working hard to minimise your energy bills.

Quiet operation

Ecodan is one of the quietest heat pumps on the market.

Government incentivise grants through SEAI

SEAI grants available to support heat pumps


Ecodan provides reliable and renewable space heating and hot water all year round and helps you to do your bit in the fight against climate change.


Living room with ventilation system

Home Ventilation Solutions

Ventilation at home

In order to improve the indoor air quality of a home, we recommend a Lossnay Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) system. These systems can be fitted into loft spaces and connected via ductwork to the required rooms, or wall mounted in single rooms. They are energy efficient solutions for the whole house and provide a clean, fresh air supply.

Ventilation a home

Why choose Lossnay ventilation

The technology behind the Lossnay water resistant paper core, unique to Mitsubishi Electric ventilation systems, lies in its construction which enables exchange of sensible heat (temperature) and, in most cases, latent heat (humidity) to maintain a comfortable internal environment with minimal energy consumption.

Lossnay Ventilation System

How Lossnay heat recovery works

A Lossnay Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) system simultaneously extracts stale air whilst recovering heat energy to maximise efficiency and minimise energy use. This means that although the stale air is replaced with fresh air, the indoor temperature of the home is maintained.

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