The way we do business

We are market leaders in heating, cooling and ventilation for the built environment, with production facilities that are committed to reducing ecological impact.


We’re passionate about customer experience

We understand the challenges our customers face and have developed the solutions and services that can really make a difference.

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Driving up standards by building strong relationships with our Partners

At Mitsubishi Electric we seek to constantly raise standards and in 2015 we launched our Partner Programme to support out customer's businesses with the creation of Accredited Installers and Business Solutions Partners. 

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The need for a complete approach

We look at every aspect of a product’s lifecycle from pre-purchase, to post purchase, during its operating life and at the end of its life to ensure our products are manufactured, installed, operated and disposed of in the most responsible ways possible.

By constantly challenging everyone involved to combat the issues we all face and encourage constructive dialogue throughout the industry, we aim to help everyone address their energy use and to work towards a more sustainable future. Working within the construction industry in this way and developing energy efficient heating, cooling and ventilation solutions – all managed by the most advanced control systems available, we believe we can truly make a world of difference.

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