Silver version of the PAC-YT52CRAS

PAC-YT52CRAS Remote Controller

The PAC-YT52CRAS is the silver version of our latest simplified controller and includes a backlight. This controller is ideal for applications such as hotels.

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PAR-OCT01MAA premium control with clear display

PAR-CT01MAA-SB Remote Controller

The PAR-CT01MAA-SB is a simplified touch screen controller that includes a backlight.

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A simple air conditioning touch screen controller

PAR-CT01MAA-PB Remote Controller

The PAR-CT01MAA-PB is a simplified touch screen controller with a premium finish that includes a backlight.

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Clear display on a controller

PAR-U02MEDA Remote Controller

The PAR-U02MEDA is our MNET touch screen remote controller which includes a backlight.

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Daylight saving function on PAR-33MAA control

PAR-41MAA Remote Controller

The PAR-41MAA is a popular, advanced remote controller with a clear backlit display and a very simple user interface.

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Display remote control for temperature

PAR-FL32MA Remote Controller

The PAR-FL32MAA is an infrared remote controller compatible with all our air conditioning units.

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PAR-FA32MA recevier controller

PAR-FA32MA Remote Controller - Wireless Receiver

The PAR-FA32MA wireless receiver connects to the PAR-FL32MA infrared remote controller.

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Display screen control with simple design

PZ-62DR-E Remote Controller

The PZ-61DR-E is a dedicated Lossnay controller.

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Controller for air to water application units

PAR-W21MAA Remote Controller

The PAR-W21MAA controller is used for Air to Water application with models such as the PWFY or CAHV units and also Mr Slim Air Curtains using the weather compensation feature.

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Simple PAR-WT50R-E control with water heating and temperature control

PAR-WT50R-E Remote Controller

The PAR-WT50R-E is a wireless controller for Ecodan products.

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Wireless receiver for Ecodan heat pumps

PAR-WR51R-E Remote Controller - Receiver

The PAR-WR51R-E is a wireless receiver for Ecodan products.

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PAR W31MAA Transparent

PAR-W31MAA Remote Controller

The PAR-W31MAA is a dedicated remote controller.

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