i BX Air Cooled Chillers Transparent

i-BX Air Cooled Chiller range

This range all contain inverter driven compressors for enhanced efficiency and control.

Available in: Single Phase (4.3-12.9kW), Three Phase (10.7-35.1kW)

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Advance technology

The Climaveneta range of chillers can deliver increased comfort and precision control through their ability to be easily integrated into ever increasingly complex building systems.

Scalable and fully customisable

In order to maximise performance, reliability and overall system efficiency, the Climaveneta range of products bring advanced technology and know-how together in customisable packages to aid design, specification, installation and on-going operation.

Air source and water cooled versions

Both air sourced and water cooled options are available to efficiently cool or heat a space or an environment to a set temperature.

Plate or Shell & Tube heat exchanger options

Multi-circuit shell and tube heat exchangers designed and built by Climaveneta are available alongside plate heat exchangers.

Flexible Application Options