3500 Number of homes Saha owns and manages

35 flats and houses have now had their heating upgraded

7 years of RHI payments they are eligible for

We believe in working together with our residents, so we can help combat high energy costs and alleviate fuel poverty.

Capital Projects Manager,
Salvation Army Housing Association (SAHA)

The Challenge

The Salvation Army Housing Association (Saha) sought to upgrade the heating of homes in Essex to bring affordable warmth to residents whilst also reducing the carbon footprint of its housing stock.

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The Requirements

Saha is committed to looking to upgrade expensive-to-run heating with ones that are more energy-efficient and therefore comparably cheaper to run.

The Association works in partnership for the benefit of local communities and also realises that the carbon footprint of domestic housing is one of the biggest contributors to global warming in Britain.

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The Solution

Market-leading Ecodan air source heat pumps were installed, along with pre-plumbed cylinders.

Ecodan is designed for retro-fitting making it suitable for almost any property. It can even work alongside existing heating systems in a hybrid situation deciding when it is most efficient to use the renewable heating.

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Products Used

Ecodan model, PUHZ-W-VAA

Ecodan R32 Ultra Quiet PUZ Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump

Ecodan 5kw to 8.5kW units have been installed to match the property size

170 Slimline cylinder Transparant

Ecodan R32 FTC6 Monobloc Pre-plumbed Slimline Cylinder

All units work with pre-plumbed cylinders