41dBA only! The QUHZ is whisper-quiet

180m sq. home has a peak heat load of just 3.8kW

4kW Ecodan QUHZ utilises CO2

The Challenge

The owners of a spacious, new-build, 3-bed home wanted a renewable heating system that could match the different requirements of today’s highly insulated properties.

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The Requirements

New-build homes need far less heating than a traditional British home and this places a different requirement on the heating system.

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The Solution

The Ecodan QUHZ air source heat pump has been specifically designed with new-build standards of insulation and lower heating loads in mind to deliver exceptional heating and hot water supply.

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The ground floor is lovely and warm when we get up in the morning and we’ve hardly needed the heating on upstairs as the eco-house retains such a lot of heat.

Property Owners

Products Used

Ecodan MELCloud app for handheld device


MELCloud internet-based control system with in-built energy monitoring

QUHZ model outdoor heat pump

Ecodan R744 QUHZ-W40VA Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump

The system includes a packaged 200-litre thermal store which offers hot water on demand