76 family rooms

325 families used this vital service in 2015

1000's of families have stayed close to their child’s hospital

McDonalds Hospice

The selection and installation of the Hybrid VRF system removed the need for leak detection and kept the project within the original cost plans.

Sugoi Solutions

The Challenge

Ronald McDonald House Charities offers vital support to families with a child in hospital, and this new four-storey residential block allows families to prepare their own meals and get a good night’s sleep, providing a home away from home and a degree of stability in an often distressing and uncertain time.

McDonalds Hospice 2

The Requirements

What was needed was an energy efficient heating and cooling system and a regular supply of fresh air.

During the final design stage, it also became apparent that leak detection would be required due to the refrigerant pipe work distances, although this hadn’t been included in the project budget.

McDonalds Hospice 3

The Solution

The unique Hybrid VRF system removes the need for leak detection in occupied spaces because it uses water to transfer heating and cooling around the building.

Lossnay ventilation systems also provide energy efficient fresh air ventilation, improving air quality and comfort for residents.

McDonalds Hospice 1

Products Used

R32 heat recovery MEUK product

R2 Series High Efficiency Heat Recovery (YNW)

3 x PURY-P500 Hybrid VRF outdoor condensers

LOSSNAY mechanical ventilation with heat recovery


7 x Lossnay LGH-100RVX

An advanced control for hotel air conditioning units


MELCOTEL centralised controller which also links to room door card interfaces