1913 Originally built

72 Guest bedrooms

89 Indoor units installed

Lawlor's of Naas is a historic boutique hotel, located on the main street of Naas, County Kildare, Ireland. With a century-long tradition of hospitality, the hotel has always strived to provide guests with the best of Irish comfort and service. This hotel, originally built in 1913, sought to modernize its heating and cooling systems. The establishment had been relying on a traditional natural gas heating system, powered by two large gas boilers, to heat its 72 guest bedrooms and their public areas. The hotel's owners were determined to explore a more sustainable and cost-efficient alternative that would not only reduce energy-related costs but also enhance the overall comfort for their guests. Furthermore, the installation needed to be phased in to ensure that the hotel could remain operational throughout the project. Mitsubishi Electric and Anglo Irish Refrigeration were entrusted with the task of providing a comprehensive HVAC solution that would meet the hotel's specific needs and criteria.

LoN Entrance

For the 72 guest bedrooms, Mitsubishi Electric's Hybrid VRF (HVRF) system was the perfect choice. This unique 2-pipe system allowed for simultaneous heating and cooling with heat recovery. By combining R410a refrigerant and water, this solution achieved compliance with EN378 standards without the need for additional refrigerant leak detection. The Hybrid VRF system was not only energy-efficient but also delivered superior comfort to the guests.

LoN Bedroom 3.0

In addition to the guest bedrooms, a combination of Mitsubishi Electric VRF and split systems were deployed for public areas such as the reception area, banquet hall, and conference facilities. This solution offered an excellent value proposition by improving energy efficiency, enhancing comfort, and reducing capital costs.

LoN Bar

An AE-200 central controller was employed to provide Lawlor's of Naas with the flexibility, monitoring capabilities, and efficiency the hotel require. This system allowed hotel managers to remotely monitor and control the temperature in individual rooms, ensuring that guests would always enjoy a comfortable environment upon arrival. Additionally, simplified touchscreen controllers were installed in each guest bedroom, allowing guests to tailor the temperature to their personal preferences, regardless of the weather conditions. This intelligent control not only enhanced guest satisfaction but also saved energy by maintaining rooms at the ideal temperature.

LoN Reception

Mitsubishi Electric's installation at Lawlor's of Naas Hotel successfully met the client's objectives. In response to the Lawlor's of Naas Hotel's desire for more efficient and comfortable heating and cooling, Mitsubishi Electric Hybrid VRF and VRF systems were fitted. These installations effectively improved energy efficiency, lowered energy-related costs while alleviating the financial burden of servicing the outdated natural gas-based heating system, reduced operational costs, and most importantly it has significantly enhanced guest comfort all while ensuring that the hotel could continue to provide the best of Irish hospitality throughout the project through a phased installation, providing on demand heating cooling with a focus on helping achieve the net zero and environmental targets.   


Mitsubishi Electric's HVRF, VRF, and split systems, combined with advanced control solutions, demonstrates how Mitsubishi Electric's expertise in HVAC technology can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a historic boutique hotel, ultimately ensuring a more comfortable and environmentally friendly guest experience.

LoN Boardroom JPG

Working with Mitsubishi Electric on this installation for Lawlor's of Naas was an easy decision. Utilizing their expert range of products allowed this project to run seamlessly. This collaboration has been a testament to innovation and excellence. We worked very closely with Mitsubishi Electric on the design to ensure that we allowed the future capacity in the systems to add meeting rooms on each floor that are planned for a future fitout. This was one of the major benefits of the City Multi HVRF System, by us having additional capacity on the outdoors and spare parts on the HBC controllers it will make the next fitout very straightforward.

Fergus Daly
Sales Director ,
Hoctor Refrigeration (Part of the AIR Group)

Together, we have created a comfortable and sustainable environment that reflects the cutting-edge solutions Mitsubishi Electric is known for.

Fergus Daly
Sales Director,
Hoctor Refrigeration (Part of the AIR Group)

Products Used:

PEA M R32 Standard v2

PEA-M R32 Standard Inverter Heat Pump (Three phase)

The 3 PEA-M large capacity ducted systems installed, offer the ultimate flexibility for larger scale heating and cooling applications. Our latest version works with even greater lengths of ductwork through a 200Pa fan setting making it ideal for this hotel.

Mr Slim PEAD unit

PEAD-M R32 Power Inverter Heat Pump (Single Phase)

A total of 6 PEAD-M125JA Ceiling Concealed Ducted Indoor Units were installed. Offering high seasonal efficiency, advanced control options and extended pipe runs, this range is extremely flexible and utilises low GWP R32 refrigerant, perfect for a hotel.

With 17 PLFY-P-VEM 4-Way Blow Ceiling Cassette Indoor Units installed, Lawlor's of Naas can now choose from 72 different airflow patterns this ceiling cassette system has to offer.

HVRF product HBC controllers

HBC Controllers

A total of 11 CMB-WM108V-AA HBC Controllers R410A were installed in this project. Set to rival traditional heating and cooling, the HVRF System delivers optimum comfort and efficiency, using an innovative combination of unique 2-pipe technology and water to provide simultaneous heating and cooling with heat recovery.

BC CMB P106V J Transparent

BC Controllers

The BC controller intelligently transfers energy around the system, drawing on energy from the heat source / outdoor units. It directs energy as requested by the individual indoor units.

Low noise a/c unit PEFY model


A total of 72 PEFY-WP-VMS1-E ultra thin ceiling concealed ducted indoor unit were installed in the Lawlor's of Naas project, offering increased flexibility. This product is particularly suitable for places where low noise is desired from a slimline body, such as hotels.

PAR-OCT01MAA premium control with clear display

PAR-CT01MAA-SB Remote Controller

With 72 PAR-CT01MAA-SB installed, these simplified touch screen controllers are fully configurable via smartphone app and give Lawlor's of Naas the ability to display their logo in each guest bedroom.

AE 200 controller

AE-200E Centralised Controller

With 2 AE-200E touch screen centralised controller installed, Lawlor's of Naas will be able to monitor their energy.

EW-50E controller

EW-50E Centralised Controller

One EW-50E Centralised Controller was installed to monitor and control indoor units and general equipment.