The modular design of HVRF allows for a phased installation which is ideal in a project of this nature.

Installation Engineer,
Abey Air Conditioning

66 rooms needed refurbishment

65 ceiling concealed ducting units

10 inch touch screen centralised controller installed to monitor energy use

The Challenge

Aspect Court is a modern red-brick building, recently converted from offices to high-end apartments and the five-storey building needed a heating and cooling solution that would fit with its high-end feel and appeal to modern professionals looking for a stylish apartment in the centre of Leeds.

Aspect Court 1

The Requirements

The developer was looking for an efficient system with easy maintenance that also complied with BS EN378 whilst removing the added expense of leak detection.

Aspect Court 2

The Solution

The City Multi Hybrid VRF system provides high levels of comfort and freshness, whilst remaining as energy efficient as possible.

It operates without using refrigerant in occupied spaces, removing the need for the added expense of a leak detection system - as well as doing away with the need for the annual recalibration of each leak detector.

Aspect Court 3

Products used

Low noise a/c unit PEFY model


65 PEFY-WP-VMS ultra-thin ceiling concealed ducted units

Daylight saving function on PAR-33MAA control

PAR-41MAA Remote Controller

PAR-31MAA room controllers with an AE200 centralised controller