Exceeding the limits of standard heat pumps and chillers, MECH-iS-G07 and MEHP-iS-G07 ranges achieve extreme water temperatures, making these units ideal for many uses from Comfort to Process and IT Cooling applications.

Lowest-in-class sound levels without additional accessories. MECH-iS-G07 and MEHP-iS-G07 units are fitted with acoustic enclosures for compressors and hydronic kits as standard.

The range comprises of 7 new sizes developed within 3 compact modules to fit any thermal load requirement up to 110kW, extendable up to 220kW through an optional twin module configuration.

Smart control logic for coordinating the non-simultaneous start of defrosting cycles of a group of heat pumps.

Product Information Sheets

MECH-iS-G07 / MEHP-iS-G07 Modular Chillers PI Sheet

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