Benefits to hotel sector

A range of products that meets essential requirements

We have a range of heating, cooling, ventilation and control equipment that meets the essential requirements of hotels, no matter what their size. This includes innovation and reliability as standard, providing a comfortable environment for guests and helping your business to reduce both carbon emissions and running costs.

Our Knowledge

We have a Corporate Sales team who have created a range of tools to keep you informed of any changes in legislation, new product features or simple industry information. We also run seminars and training tailored to suit the requirements of the hotel sector.

Simple and easy maintenance

We have recommended maintenance programmes in order to ensure optimum efficiency and operation of equipment throughout its lifecycle. We also run courses to cover best practice for maintenance contractors.

Dedicated interfaces for efficient control

We have a dedicated control interface called MELCOtel which is designed for energy efficient control of our HVAC systems – it also includes key card integration. Our range of controllers can also control third-party equipment such as alarms and lighting, allowing for advance saving and energy metering across the whole building. With our Remote Monitoring Interfaces, you can control and monitor all systems via a PC or smart device.

We believe that global climate challenges need local solutions. Our aim is to help you to reduce the energy consumption of your buildings, lower carbon emissions, and lower running costs.

Each team within Mitsubishi Electric strives to provide customers with the best possible service; whether its pre-sales design and specification, and after-sales support, we offer solutions that deliver the quality and excellence you would expect to help make a world of difference.

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Hotel Room with Heating and Cooling

Suggested products for hotel applications

Red R32 a/c unit

MSZ-LN R32 Inverter Heat Pump

The MSZ-LN range is a wall mounted system that blends energy efficiency with a sophisticated streamlined design.

R32 heat recovery MEUK product

R2 Series High Efficiency Heat Recovery (YNW)

Hybrid VRF limits the amount of refrigeration in occupied spaces, removing the need for leak detection in hotels and other applications.

An advanced control for hotel air conditioning units


MELCOTEL2 is a solution interface ideal for hotel energy saving applications and is supplied with an intuitive display screen for use by reception / management.