Benefits to residential

Our Technology

We have a range of heating and ventilation equipment that meets the essential requirements of both new and existing homes, no matter what their size or age. This includes in-built innovation and reliability, to provide a comfortable environment and help you to reduce both carbon emissions and running costs.


Our Knowledge

We have a range of documents and manuals to help you understand why we all need to move to a low carbon, renewable heating system. 

We strive to ensure optimum performance of equipment

We run courses to cover best practice for our heating contractors in order to ensure optimum efficiency and operation of our equipment throughout its lifecycle.

Dedicated interfaces for efficient control

We have dedicated web-based controllers designed for energy efficient control of our heating and ventilation systems. For our Ecodan range of renewable heating, we have the unique MELCloud controller which enables you to monitor your Ecodan system via a smartphone or device from anywhere in the world. MELCloud delivers advanced reporting and monitoring.

We believe that global climate challenges need local solutions. Our aim is to help you to reduce the energy consumption of your home, lower carbon emissions and lower your running costs.

Each team within Mitsubishi Electric strives to provide customers like you and the installers you employ with the best possible service; whether its pre-sales design and specification, installation (and finding an installer) and after-sales maintenance support we can offer solutions that deliver the quality and excellence you would expect to help make a world of difference.

Residential Homes